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Model: J30ADS, J50ADS, J80ADS, J100ADS, J130ADS, J180ADS


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< AD Satisfaction > Satisfy all your Requirements

  1. Energy Savings,Eco mode
  2. Molding Support,Memo of molding conditions,Instruction Manual Stored in System
  3. Preventative maintenance,Predictive maintenance
  4. Customized I/O Function


SYSCOM5000i external appearance


Eco mode


Energy Savings

< AD Smart > New controller SYSCOM5000i

  1. Functions Fully Realized through Simple Navigation System
  2. User-friendly screen configuration
  3. IoT by NET100 system (option)


SYSCOM5000i screen



< AD Strong > Innovated High rigidity clamping unit,Clamping control

  1. Clamping unit for variety of molds
  2. Uniformity of the clamping force "Flat press platen"
  3. Expanded mountable mold thickness and width
  4. New mold protection function
  5. Clamping Force Feedback Control (option)


Clamping unit with high-precision linear guide


New mold protection function

< AD Stable > Original High Accuracy Injection/ Recovery Control and Flexibility

  1. JSW's Original High Accuracy Volume Control
  2. Rich injection unit
  3. Various Holding Pressure Settings
  4. Variation of screws
Select mode Control Improvements
IVSH Position changeover -
IVSL Speed transfer Less variation when filling
IPS Pressure transfer Less variation when filling
EXT External signal selection Pressure within the mold can be controlled (selected) by the user
Waft contorol1 Constant control of
the cushion position
Flow extension,improvements in filling balance,pressure reduction
in the mold,etc.
Waft contorol2 Constant control of the cushion
 position + Pressure holding
Flow extension,improvements in filling balance,pressure reduction
in the mold,controlling sink marks, etc.

Variation of change over settings

Name Shape Purpose
GP21 Single flight JSW standard screws for use with all general-purpose resins
M7 Double flight Compatible with both high-cycle molding and high kneading
M2K Double flight Used with optical resin (PC,PMMA),polyvinyl chloride resin(H-PVC)molding
HP Double flight + mixing piece Reduces color unevenness when using highly concentrated dry colors or master batches
CL Specially shaped flight Resin burn reduction
VP Specially shaped flight Prevents resin burns, contamination, and gas caused by excessive shearing

Variation of screws

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