Wind Turbine Systems

Achieving highly efficient and reliable power generation.

Our leading-edge technologies are going into the development of wind turbine systems optimized to Japan’s climate. They offer highly efficient and reliable power generation with low maintenance costs and low noise levels. These systems are already in place in various parts of Japan, where they are contributing to more effective use of renewable energy sources.


Using our own techniques, we design and manufacture all elements of towers, blades, and generators to supply wind power generation systems suited to Japanese conditions and our customers’ needs.

The use of permanent magnet generators and gearless turbines makes wind power generation highly efficient and reliable. Since there is no need for step-up gears or main shafts, maintenance is simple, enabling major savings in maintenance costs.

Use of full AC-DC-AC converters minimizes impact on electricity grids, making the technology ideal for areas such as remote islands with fragile electric power systems.