About Plants

State-of-the-art production facilities deliver the world’s top level of quality, on which our customers have come to rely. We take pride in our three production bases at Muroran, Hiroshima, and Yokohama, which today and every day provide the world with advanced products and systems. At each of these plants, which are thoroughly streamlined and designed for the ultimate in effi ciency, numerous specialists take on the challenge of technology innovation. The qualities of JSW can be seen in these three plants, fully equipped with the production systems and staff to meet the diverse needs of the age, while striving for high precision and energy effi ciency. Total quality control (TQC) is of course pursued at all our plants. In 1974 we gained accreditation by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) certifying that our nuclear reactor pressure vessels and materials, as well as our general pressure vessels and boilers, meet the highest quality standards of that organization, recognized all over the world. We were awarded the prestigious Deming Application Prize for quality control in 1983. Then in 1994 we earned ISO 9001 and 9002 certifi cation for international quality management (combined as ISO 9001 in 2002), and in 1998 we received ISO 14001 environmental management systems certifi cation, among other examples of the worldwide recognition our company has achieved for the excellence of our quality and manufacturing technology as well as our efforts to protect the environment.


Hiroshima Plant

Dedicated to technological innovations especially in the fields of plastics and mechatronics, the Hiroshima Plant with its leading-edge manufacturing and assembly lines produces world-renowned large-size pelletizers and extruders, film and sheet production systems, and the latest plastics injection molding machines. The plant also has long experience in manufacturing and developing artillery and other defense equipment.

Main facilities
8-ton high-frequency furnace / 6-ton electric furnace / precision casting equipment / plasma nitriding furnace and other heat treatment equipment / industrial chrome plating equipment / combination laser and turret punch press / various welding equipment / 2,000-ton hydraulic press / machining center and other metalworking machines / 60-ton wharf crane

Yokohama Plant

Our excimer laser annealing (ELA) system for IT products, enabling mass production of high-quality LCD panels and organic EL panels, has the top share of its market. We are also developing and commercializing systems for the next generation of LCD products. Following in the steps of our blow molding machines, spinning extruders, and other main products, the ELA systems have earned high acclaim both in Japan and overseas. Our newest endeavor is the manufacturing of equipment for semiconductor production.

Main facilities
Machining center / NC lathe / special equipment for screw machining and other metal machining tools

Meiki Plant

Meiki Plant specializes in dedicated and special purpose injection molding machines which produce main plastic components for automobiles such as headlights, taillights, bumpers, etc. Meiki Plant contributes to the development of automobile component industries by consistently suppling unique products, taking full advantage of our know-how cultivated throughout the long history.

In addition, print circuit board press machines and multipurpose vacuum laminator have gained high acclaim in the electronic and semi-conductor industries both in Japan and overseas.

Main facilities
Machining center / surface grinding machines / vertical honing machine and other metal machining tools

Japan Steel Works M&E, Inc.

Ever since our founding, the Muroran Plant has played a valuable part in the development of Japan’s heavy and chemical industries as a materials production center. Making use of large production facilities, such as a 14,000-ton hydraulic press, and cutting-edge equipment, including a 150-ton electro-slag remelting furnace, the plant supplies the world with high-quality products that include very large to small cast and forged steel products, steel plates and pipes, reactors for oil refineries and petrochemical plants, as well as wind turbines and other products for the energy field.

Main facilities
120-ton electric furnace / 150-ton electro-slag remelting furnace / 5-ton vacuum induction melting furnace / 3,000- to 14,000-ton presses / 30,000-horsepower 4-high reversible plate mill / 12,000-ton pipe forming press / low-frequency quenching equipment / metal machining tools / 70- to 730-ton wharf cranes