JSW have launched 'TEX34αIII', a new twin screw extruder system


JSW have launched a new model of 'TEX-αIII' Twin Screw Extruder series, "TEX34αIII" which have pursued a high performance to redefine "the high performance small-sized extruders" in market.
This extruder is a successor of TEX30α, have been developed based on the JSW's extrusion technology and its functions have been expanded for our customers' needs.


TEX34αIII-52.5BW-2V (Built-in model, L/D=52.5)

  • Length: approx. 4,250 mm
  • Width: approx. 1,250 mm (incl. invertor panel)
  • Center height: approx. 1,200 mm
  • Weight: approx. 3,500 kg

Further various line-up of extruder models

"TEX34αIII" is newly added to "TEX-αIII" line-up and can provide an optimized performance as small-sized extruder for small-lot production lines.

Easy working property (development from conventional structure)

EZ-Change tie-bar system has been adopted for barrel connection. Barrel exchanges can be done more easily.

Two type models for matching applications and needs

Two type models, a standard model and a built-in model, are available for various customer needs.
The standard model is suitable for customizing extruder specs such as multiple vents, long L/D ratio and high screw speed (3-type of motor capacities are available). Furthermore it can be applied to explosion proof requirement.
The built-in model has a built-in control cabinet in its frame and allows you to save installation space and installation work time.


Basic specifications
Model Built-in model Standard model
Torque density
Nm/cm3 18.2
Torque Nm 982
Nominal diameter
mm φ34
Screw diameter mm φ36
Motor capacity
kW 37 37 55 75
Screw speed*1 rpm 37~363~568 37~363~568 54~541~847 73~735~1,150
Heating / cooling*2 AW / BW AW / BW / SW / (O)
Screw configuration
Barrel configuration
Barrel connection   EZ-change tie-bar type
L/D ratio   52.5 max. 77
  Box type
Single frame type
Center height
mm 1,200 nominal 900 (customizable)
Control & Operation panel
Control panel
  Built-in *3 Separated
Operation panel
  Built-in On-frame / Built-in control panel / Stand alone
Explosion proof
  N/A Available

*1:Displayed min.~torque const.~power const.
*2:A;aluminium cast heater, B;brass cast heater, S;steam heating, (O);oil heating, W;water cooling
*3:For hazardous areas, the customized model may be applied.

Variety of accessories

JSW offer full line of compound system, from material feeders to pelletizing device.
Especially 'J-NX series' weighing feeders can be integrated through our original control system 'EXANET', which allows customers to have an integrated operational control.
Other JSW's technology such as data logging system "NET100" also accelerate data analysis.


Compact weighing feeder (J-NX series and others), side feeder (TSF30), side feeder deaerator (SFD-30E), barrel cooling water unit, vacuum pump, strand bath, strand pelletizer, gear pump, under water pelletizer with pellet conveying water system and screen changer, etc. Ask JSW representatives for more details.

Other applicable options

Screw element (incl. TKD), long hopper barrel, long vent barrel, NIC barrel, dewatering barrel, side vent, operation data logging system "NET100", extrusion simulation software "TEX-FAN"*1, screw design software "TEX-GEO" and screw element manage software "TEX-GEO LIST"*2, etc.
*1: TEX-FAN bundles "TEX-GEO" and "TEX-GEO LIST".
*2: TEX-GEO LIST is bundled in "TEX-GEO".

More infomation

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