The Japan Steel Works, Ltd. (hereinafter JSW) announced that JSW agreed with SM PLATEK CO.,LTD (hereinafter SMP) to acquire 80% of the issued shares of SMP and SMP to become a consolidated subsidiary of JSW as of May 8, 2015.


SMP is a manufacturer of twin screw extruder for plastics compounding industry with his headquarter and factory in Ansan city, Korea. From establishment of the company in 1986, SMP supplied over 1,000 sets of twin screw extruders and having major market share in Korea. Recently, the demand of the compounding extruder is rapidly growing, SMP is also concentrating to export to Japan, South East Asia, India, Russia and China. As of April 2015, SMP supplied to 23 countries and 228 clients all over the world.

JSW is a leading manufacturer of various kinds of Plastics Processing Machinery including Poly-Olefin Pelletizers, Compounding Extruders, Blow Molding Machines, and Injection Molding machines as well as Film and Sheet Manufacturing Equipment.

JSW is well known as a leading supplier of compounding twin screw extruder from screw diameter 25mm laboratory scale up to 443 mm, which is the world largest size.

After this transaction, SMP will supply its twin screw extruder (TEK series) as a “Global Standard Model” to general compounding market to all over the world. SMP will concentrate mainly under 100mm Screw diameter. And JSW will supply its twin screw extruder (TEX series) for high functional, value added, special application purpose extruder like super engineering plastics, reaction, dewatering, degassing to all over the world. As a JSW group, SMP and JSW will cover all areas and markets in compounding.

M&A is one of the most important strategies for JSW, and will continue any kind of alliance accordingly.