This product is a forged steel component used in nuclear reactors. Unlike conventional products made by welding separate pieces of metal together, our product is made entirely from a single high-quality steel ingot, the largest in the world. Our forged steel products are used in fields where absolute safety must be assured.


As increases in generation capacity necessitate larger equipment, the forged steel components used in such equipment also need to become bigger. Moreover, the steel ingots that provide the raw material for forged products used in demanding environments such as power plants must have high levels of uniformity and purity.

We have the technology to manufacture components from high-quality, ultra-large steel ingots meeting these requirements, right up to the world’s biggest ingots weighing 670 tons. JSW has some of the largest production facilities in the world, including a 14,000-ton press, and uses special forging techniques, advanced heat treatments, and high-precision machine processing to form complex monoblock components without welds or other joints.