Construction of the Japan Steel Works' first steel mill, the Muroran Plant, was completed in 1907 on reclaimed land off Bokoi Beach facing the natural harbor of Muroran, which is now famous throughout Japan for its Hakucho Bridge.
JSW built up an excellent reputation for technological know-how as Japan's largest civilian ordnance manufacturer, and following the end of World war II, it swiftly converted to private-sector demand. The Company enjoys a worldwide reputation as a maker of materials and components, supplying large forged and cast steel products, steel plates, pressure vessels for the chemical and petrochemical industries, and a wide range of industrial machinery.
Expanding on the technological know-how accumulated through the manufacture of the above-mentioned products, with the needs of the society of the future in mind, the staff of the Muroran Plant are devoting efforts to technological and product research into new materials including supper-alloys and powder metallurgy, as well as medical care, electronics, marine development, foodstuffs, and environmental applications.