MuCell Technology that TREXEL, Inc is for making micro celler foaming product with supercritical carbon dioxide or nytrogen (Foaming cell average size is smaller than 100μm). MuCell technology applies for wide range product with light weight, cycle time reduction, clamping force and injection pressure reduction, improvement of warpage and think mark.
This technology is an environmentally friendly process technology that does not use chemical foaming agents and Freon. MuCell technology can be applied wide range material and light weight and strong products. SCF device is necessary for using MuCell Technology. Please contact TREXEL, Inc. for the details.

Example 1: manifold gasket

  • Material: Dupont PA66+GF33%
  • Thickness: 2.9mm Thin part 0.76mm
  • Preveous Cycle time: 18s
  • MuCell cycle time: 6s
  • Clamping force reduction: 73% (150ton -> 40ton)
  • Weight reduction: 5-20%

Example 2: IC tray

  • Material: PP+CB
  • Warpage reduction: 15%
  • Weight reduction: 10%