Auxiliary equipment

Material loader

Chipped material is usually delivered with container. Mostly,the material is supplied directly from the container to the feeding hopper of injection molding machine.Here is another way to supply the material from material stockyard by using the centralized feeding system.


Mold lubricant automatic mixing and delivering unit

Since high temperature material is injected into the cavity, the mold is seized by heat.To prevent seizing, it is necessary to spray lubricant onto the surface of the cavity at each shot.This unit mixes condensed lubricant with water. At the same time, magnifies it as required density (usually 1:60~1:100) , and delivers it to automatic lubricant spray unit or handy type spray.


Automatic lubricant spray unit, Product take-out robot

Automatic lubricant spray unit has multiple nozzle tips to spray lubricant onto the cavity surface.Product take-out robot extracts the product from the cavity by gripping the sprue of the molded part.These two units shall be delivered as combined unit or as a separated unit depending on the system construction.


Mold temperature controller

In case of Aluminum die-casting, mold is chilled down by water. Solidification time of magnesium is very short under low temperature.To get better flow rate and distance of melted material, it is necessary to heat up the mold.The machine starts running after the mold is heated up around 200Åé by oil or electric heaters and keeps it during the production.


Automatic vacuuming system

Melted material must be injected into the cavity within a few millisecond. Improving the product's quality,such as the shape of boss and rib, the vacuuming system is required. In actual process, the material is injected after the cavity air is completely sucked out.