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Title Author
A Review of Recent Practice for the Manufacture of Large-sized Rotor Shaft Materials for Power Generating Plants
Problems of the Heat Indication Test for Steam Turbine Shaft Forging and their Solution (The First Report)-Some Critical Reviews on the Problems of Heat Indication Practice and of Previous Theories-

Title Author
Weldability of Welcon-2H High Strength Steel Plate
Test Results of Welbable Super High Tensile Steel -Test Results of Welcon-2H Super-
On Heavy Thickness Stainless Clad Steel Plate

Title Author
Manufacturing Equipment for Plastics-Film and Plastics-Sheet
On the High Speed Cable Covering Equipment

Title Author
A Study on the Screw Extrusion of Polyethylenes

Title Author
Study on the Heat Indication Test of Turbine Rotor Forgings

Title Author
The Bottle Cleaner by Use of Ultrasonic Waves

Title Author
Carbamate Pump for Urea Plant
Pelletizing of Thermoplastic Materials

Title Author
Design and Fabrication of Large Size High Pressure Vessels
Corrosion in High Pressure Reactor Vessel and Its Effect on Mechanical Properties

Title Author
Study on 21/4 Cr-1Mo Steel for Elevated Temperature Service
On the Heat Treatment, Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Heavy Gauge Steels for Nuclear Pressure Vessel (The 1st Report)
-Heat Treatment, Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Mn-Mo-Ni Steel Plate-
On Practical Applications of Programmed Testing Procedure for Heavy Section Steels

Title Author
The Effect of Delta-Ferrite on the Mechanical Properties of 19% Cr-9% Ni Stainless Cast Steel Junpei Tanabe, Junji Itagaki
On Stainless Steel Overlay Welding Dr.Katao Miyano, Yukiyasu Nakazyo and Tateo Jin, Muroran Plant
Stainless Clad Steel Plate Dr.Katao Miyano and Ryuichi Chiba, Muroran Plant