Bolt Tensioner

This Bolt Tensioner is a device to use in the case of opening and the restoration of the pressure vessel (R/V) of the nuclear reactor. It is a device to use that this device lowers Stud Bolt of the pressure vessel and closes it.
At present in Japanese nuclear plants, 51 plants, our Bolt Tensioner are working.


・Safety-operation by full-automatic drive.
 a) Remote-operation from operation floor, decrease influence of radiation.
 b) No needs manual operation, positioning and nut-run.

・Possible to decrease operation stuffs and cost.

・Convenient multi-function display.
Display mode : status of tensioning in real time. elongation of each bolt and step,
and so on.

・Flexible operation mode for trouble and tensioner failure.

・Easy maintenance : Recent model sequencer is mounted in this system.