After World War II, Japan Steel Works (JSW) turned its sophisticated technologies and expertise to the task of meeting peacetime needs. As a comprehensive materials-mechatronics enterprise, it has developed technologies to meet society’s demands amid changing times. The basis of this corporate value was monozukuri (excellence in manufacturing), an essential element of JSW’s DNA that has come to fruition in outstanding products.

Steel and Energy Products

Power generation infrastructure

Energy resource development

Steel Castings and Forgings

  • Rolls for Plate Mills

    Forged steel rolls used in rolling operations at steel mills

  • JSW are supplying large forged and cast steel products, steel plates, pressure vessels for the chemical and petrochemical industries, and a wide range of industrial machinery.

Wind power and Hydrogen/energy


Industrial Machinery Products

Plastics and Elastomer/Extrusion Machinery

  • Polyolefin Pelletizer achieves high-volume production of polyolefin pellets which are basic materials of commodity plastics.

  • Application for compounding technology is not limited to plastics but also to various purposes.

  • Devolatilizing extruders remove monomer, oligomer, solvent and VOC(Volatile Organic Compounds) directly from polymer solution.

  • Pelletizers

    Dewaterting extruder combines conventional multi-staged process into single equipment for maximum efficiency.

  • Twin-screw Extruders

    We provide various kinds of extrusion related auxiliary equipment to offer the best solution for customer's process requirement.

Plastics Processing/Machinery

  • Injection Molding Machine

    For our line-up from ultra-large to small injection molding machines, it has drew the great demand all over the world as well as domestic.

  • Film and Sheet Machine

    JSW provide various kind of Film and Sheet manufacturing equipment including general packaging, high performance and special purpose application.

  • Blow Molding Machine

    Including an automotive multilayered plastic fuel tank, a plastic drum, it is used by various industry widely.

  • Spinning Extruder

    From imminent clothing to it is the top maker of the extruder for synthetic fibers such as PET, PA.motor parts such as an air bag, the tire cord.

Industrial Machinery

  • Reciprocating Compressor

    Based on the Inquiry(RFQ) and the many experiences for petrochemical fields (Polymers and Monomers),We offer you the most suitable compressor to be used for such spplications.

  • Rolling Stock Parts

    JSW produces a variety of Couplers and Draft Gears from products for domestic railway vehicles to products for overseas railway vehicles.

  • Bolt Tensioner

    JSW produces a variety of Bolt Tensioner from full-automatic models for pressure vessels for nuclear power generation to a small general-purpose models.

  • Magnesium Thixomolding Machine

    JSW offers magnesium alloys and its excellent properties in all kinds of shapes by "Magnesium Injection Molding Machine."

Services and Solutions

  • Maintenance Support

    For your stable production, we suggest the periodic maintenance, spare parts supply, and the solution of the trouble in your emergency situation.

  • Schooling Training

    The JSW Training has enjoyed high popularity since it began , with its practical curricula, and trainers with great field experience. We highly recommend you consider enrolling in an appropriate course.

  • Retrofit

    We suggest the update, remodeling, and improvement of your facilities which we incorporated the accumulation of the cultivated technology in half a century and the highest technology.If you have any requests, feel free to contact us anytime.

  • Centralized Monitoring System

    JSW network systems perform quality control and production control of machines and enables data to be exchanged with machines that are connected with in-shop LAN network.

  • Technical Center

    We have three technical centers in our Hiroshima-plant, United States, and Europe. We hail the test and technical support for your productivity and quality improvement.

  • Service Network

    We are providing high quality service and contribute customer security through our service network all over the world.

Defense Equipment

  • Army

    Design, manufacture, and maintenance of defense equipment including firing systems and missile launchers.


Inquiries about products

Inquiries about products