Magnesium Thixomolding Machine

Magnesium Injection Molding Machine is based on the Thixomolding technology (injection molding of a thixotropic, semisolid magnesium alloy).


Use of magnesium alloy chips eliminates need for melting furnace and allows easier switching between alloys.

High-speed injection and high injection pressure improve surface quality of application and make precision molding of thin parts possible.

Lower temperature of molten magnesium alloy improves dimensional accuracy and mechanical properties.

Provides the precision and thin wall molding.

Fully sealed molding process enables cleaner, safer work enviroment.

Gentle to the Earth, the process requires no global warming gas, such as SF6 or flux.

Product Details

"Magnesium alloyed metal".That is the lightest of all metals with practical applications, recyclable and earth-friendly materials.
The magnesium alloy injection molding machine developed by JSW can mold materials with the same degree of precision as plastics, and can therefore be applied to produce a wide range of components for automobiles, personal computers, cameras, mobile phones, and others.
JSW offers magnesium alloys in all kinds of shapes to customers in all kinds of industries.