Fabrication Experience


Loading of Hydro-Desulfurization Reactor
Used by 2-750 ton Private Wharf Crane at JSW Muroran Plant

Fabrication Record of Ultra Large Sized Reactor



Fabrication Experience of Advanced Cr-Mo Steel Pressure Vessel

Research and development of advanced Cr-Mo steel has started in 1980s. Since the first 2 1/4Cr-1Mo-V reactor was manufactured in 1998, more than eighty (80) 2 1/4Cr-1Mo-V reactors have been manufactured.


Supply Experience of Hydroprocessing Reactor and Separator



Field Fabrication by JSW in the World

The first experience of JSW for field fabrication goes back to the year 1966. Even if field fabrication is conducted, the same quality as fabricated in JSW Muroran Plant is maintained.
Not only shop fabrication, but when there is limitation in transportation, JSW is well capable of providing field fabrication as if it is fabricated in the shop.
JSW has rich experiences in field fabrication since 1966.


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