Quality that has been achieved through the accumulation of experience and expertise.
It reflects our customer's constant challenges for the best product and innovation(high capacity, high added value, and high quality).
It is also proof of our passion for continuing our innovation and customer service.


【Retrofitting of Capacity-up for your machine】
Recentry, upsizing of the polyolefin plant is becoming, so the capacity-up and automation of facilities requirement from customers are increasing.

JSW develop the system to meet the such needs and provide our services and get the high reputation from all over the world.

【"High added value" and "High quality" 】
Plastics, which have become increasingly diverstified and sophisticated, are playing greater and greater roles in industrial fields. 
"High added value" and "high quality" are requested and those materials become special, and the quality standard of the product becomes severe.
JSW provides up- to date high quality engineering and products with his rich experience and development of technologies over the years to keep up with customer needs.