Technical Center

JSW operates technical centers for various plastics processing technology to assist customer's research and development.


【Extusion Faclilities】
JSW has three Technical Centers in the world.These are in Hiroshima-Japan,Detroit-U.S.A and Overpelt-Belgium.
JSW will provide the update technology to customers in trial and tests with JSW equipment.

At the Technical Center in Hiroshima, we are able to control trials various process development such as compounding, pelletizing, film, devolatilization and dewatering.
Main Facilities:P90,CMP69,CIM90,DSM65XTEX28V,TEX30,TEX44αⅡ,TEX54αⅡ,TEX54αⅢ,TEX65αⅡ

【Injection Molding Faclities】
Our Injection Molding Machinery center features state of art injection molding machines that customers can utilize for performance evaluation of their own injection molding machines and conducting molding tests on their new molds and materials.
Main Facilities:
Electric servo drive injection molding machine,Electric servo drive vertical injection molding machine,Electric servo drive multi-material injection molding machine(2M) and plastic magnet molding machine, etc.

【Film&Sheet Making Facilities】
JSW has constructed a database of technical know-how and improved extrusion/ processing simulation and engineering service based on the database. World's top class film technology development center will satisfy customer's requirements for film/sheet processing.
Main Facilities:
Oriented Film Oriented Line, Sheet Line, Cast Film line, High-performance sheet line