Aiming for Stable Growth through Monozukuri & Value Creation


Since its founding in 1907, The Japan Steel Works, Ltd. (JSW) has pursued monozukuri (good manufacturing practices) and sought to create value, contributing to the further development of society by leveraging cutting-edge technologies to continue meeting the demands of customers in Japan and overseas.


The current global situation is uncertain and the future outlook defies prediction, but however the times may change, we continue to aspire to a spirit of enterprise focused on meeting the demands of our customers through a commitment to monozukuri and value creation.

JSW is a global corporation carrying out steel and energy products business, with products in electric power, oil, natural gas, and other energy fields, as well as industrial machinery products business with a broad lineup centering on equipment for plastics processing and products employing lasers.


We are contributing to the further development of society by meeting its needs with the technologies and skills amassed during our long history spanning more than a century, as well as with new technological development.


We will continue to do all in our power to meet our stakeholders’ expectations, aiming to achieve stable growth as a company through monozukuri and value creation. In so doing, we remain com- mitted to performing our obligations on four different fronts, ensuring satisfaction for customers, employees, and shareholders, as well as fulfillment of our responsibilities to society.


We welcome the continued support and encouragement of our stakeholders as we go forward.

Representative Director and President