“Material Revolution” for the future of people and the earth.
Contirbuting to the realization of a sustainable and prosperous society.

In 1907, Japan Steel Works,Ltd. (JSW) started from manufacture of “steel” when the society demanded superior “steel.” at that time. “Steel” was the universal value that was sought when Japan was making a national effort to improve its industrial technology and catch up with Europe and the United States. The values that were thought to be unchanged at that time have changed significantly in this period, which is about to reach the 120th year of its founding, with the Meiji, Taisho, Showa, Heisei and Reiwa period. 


In order to avoid the risk of climate change, the value of “natural capital” is emphasized, and lighter and lower environmental load materials are required. We focused on “plastic”, which is a lightweight material, as early after the war, and launched various manufacturing machines for plastics. Currently, the world needs new materials that are lighter, higher functionality and more energy efficient for aiming to carbon neutrality. 

On the other hand, marine pollution caused by waste plastic is a serious social problem. To solve it, the realization of a circulating society that utilizes waste plastics is also a universal issue. 


We develop new materials and industrial machines for social implementation, continue to provide “value” to solve social issues through “Material Revolution”, and contribute to the realization of a sustainable and prosperous society.


We welcome the continued support and encouragement of our stakeholders as we go forward.

Representative Director and President