JSW Mission


JSW mission is to contribute to social development by creating innovations with original technologies

JSW aims to be an “Innovative Company” that contributes to social development by positively exploring potential needs among our continuously changing society through proprietary technologies that we have cultivated throughout our history and cutting-edge technologies that we are under development.


JSW Philosophy


1) Make our customers amazed and impressed

To achieve customer satisfaction and their confidence, JSW always listens to the voice of market and continuously provide creative products and services that exceed customer’s expectations.


2) Coexist with society and achieve sustainable profitability

JSW achieves sustainable profitability through realization of our customers’, shareholders’ and employees’ satisfaction, coexistence with local communities and fulfillment of our responsibilities to stakeholders.


3) Keep the spirit of continuous innovation

JSW establishes vibrant culture that seeks change and values initiative, creativity and the spirit of challenge, together with sustaining culture that values steady supply of reliable products. JSW thoroughly pursues the principles of “real places,” “real things,” “real situations” (traditional three “real” principles) and “real people.”