Details of results and operations by business domain in the fiscal year 2019

Industrial Machinery Products Business

Major Products and Services

Plastic production and processing machinery

Pelletizers, twin screw extruders, film and sheet manufacturing equipment, etc.


Molding machines

Plastic injection molding machines, magnesium alloy injection molding machines, blow molding machines, etc.


Other machinery

Machinery for the production of electronic components and displays (laser annealing systems, etc.), tightlock couplers and dampers, defense equipment, etc.

Trend of Performance


Steel and Engineering Products Business

Major Products and Services

Steel castings and forgings

Products for power generation, nuclear power-related equipment, steel-making, die materials, and functional materials, etc.


Clad steel plates and pipes

Clad steel plates, clad steel pipes, extra-thick steel plates, etc.


Engineering Services

Steel structure for plant and infrastructure
Non-destructive inspection and analytical inspection services, etc.

Trend of Performance