JSW seminar in Teheran – FEB 2017 – together with trade and technology partners
Making the most of new Iranian opportunities


With Iran having been largely cut off in the past decade from many earlier trading relationships due to sanctions, the plastics machinery sales department of plastics processing machinery producer The Japan Steel Works Ltd., Tokyo, now makes the most of new opportunities by organizing a seminar together with technology partners, for around 100 participants, in Teheran on 15 February 2017. The date has been chosen deliberately to follow immediately after the two-day 2nd Masterbatch & Polymer conference in Teheran, organized by the IMBPA Iran Masterbatch & Compound Producers Association.


JSW Sales assistant manager Tadashi Gion carries overall responsibility for organization and running of the JSW seminar in Teheran and it aims at assisting JSW to enhance its presence in the Iranian market, following lifting of trade sanctions against the country in early 2016. The seminar forms an important tool here in "creating new network and business opportunities", Gion says.


Iran is by no means a new market for JSW, or its South Korean extrusion machinery subsidiary SM Platek (SMP), which JSW acquired in May 2015. Gion says both companies have built up experience from a long tradition and history in exporting to Iran. They have both delivered many extruders to the Iranian market, already before trade sanctions began to affect business.


Main emphasis at the seminar will be placed on JSW's large twin and single screw extruders and mixers (JSW CMP, CIM and P series) for polyolefins such as PP, LLDPE/HDPE and LDPE. Tadashi Gion states "JSW has the most delivery experience, more than any other extruder manufactures, for polyolefin applications like LLDPE/HDPE and LDPE in Iran".


Presentation of latest technology developments is a major theme of the seminar, where JSW will focus on large polyolefin and more specialized TEX smaller compounding extruders (the latter down to 25 mm screw diameter) and its new technical center in Dusseldorf, Germany, SMP on its more general TEK extruders (generally not exceeding 100 mm screw diameter).


For its part, JSW will emphasize high throughput, trouble-free economical processing and environmental aspects in its presentation, as "hallmarks of its cutting edge technology". It is all part of JSW's 'monozukuri' corporate value of achieving excellence in manufacturing, "the prime element in JSW's DNA". This results in outstanding products, innovative solutions and always providing superb service.


A feeding equipment producer has also been lined up to talk about its equipment. Further presentations are planned - by a producer of plastic materials and liquids handling plants, such conveyors and silos, as well as one by a bagging & packing machinery producer.

About JSW

Tokyo, Japan headquartered machinery producer The Japan Steel Works, Ltd. is one of the global leading manufacturers of large extrusion equipment. Founded in 1907 as a steel mill, it produces extruders, injection & blow molding machines, cast and stretch film lines, reactor vessels, power plant & oil refinery components, wind turbine systems and compressors. JSW started single screw extruder production in the 1950’s, counter-rotating twin-screw extruders in 1979 and co-rotating twin-screw extruders (TEX) in 1985, now the main extruder type, produced in Hiroshima. JSW has supplied more than 2,000 TEX co-rotating Twin-screw Extruders, with screw diameters ranging up to 443 mm, including a TEX400α believed to be the world's largest twin-screw devolatilization extruder. Please also see Products & Technologies


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