Diaphragm type vacuum laminator


The vacuum laminator laminates film on the whole surface of the products in vacuum conditions.
The elasticity of rubber diaphragm and inflation of the diaphragm by air pressure to achieves highly conformable and adhesive optimum lamination.

Two machine types fabrication sizes are available;
large format auto running type for 500mm x 600mm size panel suitable for mass production, and minimal model for 300mm x 300mm size panel suitable for small size panel, small lots production and research and development.
Auto running model The large format includes a 1 stage type with only the diaphragm laminating and a 2 stage type which is also equipped the diaphragm laminating and with a flat press.
The high-precision flat press achieves even greater flatness as following process of uniform lamination in the first stage achieves even greater flatness.

Each model has been assigned to a process of flexible print circuit board processes, build-up circuit board processes, packaging process such as FOWLP(*1) and any other laminating processes by a number of customers.


*1: FOWLP: Fan Out Wafer Level Package.


Vacuum technology

We have many years of technology and know-how for long time, such as a structure for vacuuming the chamber and a sealing mechanism.
Please consult about vacuuming of the existing devices or any parts.



MVLP vacuum and pressurized process

  • The vacuum chamber consists of upper and lower heat plates; both embedded a heater inside.
  • Once the workpiece is fed to the heat plates, these close (to form the chamber); the inside of the chamber becomes the vacuum state.
  • After the prescribed time elapses, compressed air is supplied to inflate the diaphragm which pushes the workpiece toward the heat plate.
    This pressure force and heat provide bonding.
Vacuum process
Vacuum process


Pressurized process
Pressurized process


Vacuum lamination technology

Vacuum lamination technology has become indispensable in the field of integrated circuit boards.
We will cooperate in new product development with advice based on of know-how and experience on years.

Conventional roller type
Conventional roller type


Meiki's “MVLP”
Meiki's “MVLP”