Solid-state Laser Annealing System

Due to the increasing complexity of semiconductor device structure, there is a growing demand for hear-treatment processes that targets surface layer of the device. Our “Solid-state Laser Annealing System” meets such demands, which is now mainly used for mass-production of high performance image sensors. We are also engaging in R&D activities in order to expand the application of our system.


  • Pulse green laser adjustable from pulse duration 250ns to 1,200ns
  • Deep activation up to 3μm
  • Temperature monitoring (thermal radiation type)


Laser Asama 80-8
Wavelength 515nm
Pulse duration 250ns-1200ns (Adjustable)
Rep-rate 10kHz
Beam size 3mmx35μm(5J/cm2)
Wafer size 150m / 200mm / 300mm

Hybrid Solid-state Laser Annealing System


  • Combination of a pulse-duration-adjustable green laser and a preheating near-infrared laser
  • Double activation of both B and P dopants
  • Deep activation overcfor IGBT
  • Deep melting, recrystallization, and recovery over a depth of 3μm
  • Low thermal budget annealing process