Test equipment

We have set up a blow molding machine for testing at the Resin Laboratory in Yokohama plant. We are happily waiting for requests of various tests by our customers.

NB120-1CCE type continuous multilayer blow molding machine

Mainly used for the development of automobile gasoline tanks.


Crosshead Maximum die diameter : φ600
Extrusion amount Maximum 600kg/h
Main outer layer : P65-25BB (Max : 108kg/h)
Regrind layer : P120-28AB (Max : 288kg/h)
Adhesive outer layer : P40-22BB (Max : 18kg/h)
Barrier layer : P50-25BB (Max : 30kg/h)
Adhesive inner layer : P40-22BB (Max : 18kg/h)
Main inner layer : P90-28BB (Max : 288kg/h)
Molding machine Taverless hybrid mold clamping type
lamping force 120ton
Daylight 1,150~2,690mm

JB105 type small blow molding machine

Used for basic data collection of various blow moldings as well as multilayer fuel tanks for automobiles.


Extruder P50 -22
Clamping force (oil hydraulic) 4ton
Daylight 400mm
Head single head
Maximum mold dimensions (Maximum mold weight) 450(L)×330(W)×204(T) (140kg)

Test extruder size

No.1 P90 -22~34AW
No.2 P90 -25BB
No.3 P65 -25 or 28BB (stationary type)
No.4 P65 -25BB (mobile typpe)


According to the type of resin, various screw shapes can be tested by combining screw parts.