Extended Holding Time/High Speed Injection Specification Machine (EHD)

Model: J-ADS-460H, 890H


This option is based on our original drive system “J’s Drive System” specified for the injection. By this technology, 

EHD option could be realized both high speed injection and extended holding time, and high response ability by directly driving and controlling the injection. 

This high response makes injection stable and expanding molding condition.

EHD:Extended holding time, High speed Direct drive 

Holding pressure time is 2 times longer than standard machine.

Extended holding time better than conventional extended holding time specification. Thick wall lens molding, which is not good for electric machine, is also possible.

Injection control response is 3 times higher than standard machine.

High response ability is effective for fine adjustment of resin leaking part of film overhanging when film insert molding.

JSW origical servo motor

It is equipped with an original servomotor designed exclusively for injection.

J’s Drive System

By developing all of the servo amplifier, servo motor, and control in-house, we have realized a high-performance system specialized for injection molding machines.