Injection press molding machine

This is a special molding machine that is ideal for large thin-walled products, optical products and other products that do not require residual strain.
Each of the 4-axis tie bars connected to the fixed panel is independently controlled to enable compression and mold clamping by parallel control with a high accuracy of 0.02mm.


Starvation plasticization technology

Resin is fed quantitatively from the hopper to the cylinder, making it easier for gas to escape.
As a result, it is effective in resolving bad gas causes.

Starvation plasticization technology pic1

Comparing general plasticization and starvation plasticization

General plasticization


Starvation plasticization technology pic2
Starvation plasticization

Optical molding technology

Appropriate surface treatment prevents yellowing and other defects.

Surface treatment for optical molding
Surface treatment for optical molding
Tin Surface Treatment Screw Head
Tin Surface Treatment Screw Head

Injection press mold technology

Press molding is the best way to produce thin, distortion-free products.
We cooperate in the development of new products, including molds, with the technology we have cultivated through the molding of high-precision presses and optical discs and light guide plates.