IoT Solution

J-WiSe® is a general term for IoT solutions developed by JSW. With four pillars (Production management, Service / Maintenance, Production support, Production automation system) for injection molding machines, we aim to provide solutions that contribute to customer productivity improvement.


J-WiSe NET100<br/>

NET 100 realizes molding visualization

It "visualize" the problems (alarms, stopped states) that occur daily in the molding factory, and support problem solving based on quantitative data.

"Visualization" of operation

By analyzing the cause of the decrease in the operating rate from the operating history and making fundamental defect improvements, the equipment operating rate can be increased and opportunity loss can be reduced.

Stabilization of molding quality

By analyzing the measured value data, the stability of molding is evaluated and the optimization of conditions is assisted.

<NET100 function example>

  • Collection of Actual molding data
  • Molding data analysis
  • Operation status collection
  • Remote console

Production Manager

J-WiSe Production Manager<br/>

Production Manager Efficiency to molding plants

By accumulating and analyzing production schedule and actual data, it identify issues in production and support the formulation of more efficient production plans.

Accumulation and management of molding process information

It is possible to manage the production schedule and actual results of the molding machine in an integrated.

Automation of management

It can create work order and result reports for molding sites from production schedule and result data.

<Production Manager function example>

  • Operation status collection
  • Order registration
  • Production plan
  • Work instructions
  • Production performance management
  • Data link to Upper System
  • Work report
  • Inspection result report

Team Network PLC Communication

J-WiSe Team Network PLC Communication<br/>

Team Network realizes labor saving by linking injection molding machine and peripheral device

The PLC communication function cooperates with automatic machines and peripheral devices to support the automation of production.

Digitalization to operation record.

By converting the operation record management to digital data, it becomes easier to analyze the operation rate etc.

Efficiency of production setup.

Peripheral device can be set automatically at the same time as the molding conditions are loaded on the molding machine controller screen, which contributes to shortening the setup time.

<Team Network function example>

  • Modbus communication
  • Serial communication
  • PLC communication
  • I/O signal output

AI Molding Navigator
[In preparation for sale]

J-WiSe AI Molding Navigator<br/>

Prevents molding defects due to changes in the molding environment.

automatically correct molding conditions and keep good molding before molding defects occur due to changes in the environment, variations in material lots, aging deterioration of parts, etc.

Features of the system

Molding defects that can be detected and corrected by molding conditions are automatically corrected by our unique AI algorithm (reinforcement learning).

Our J-AD and J-ADS series machines can be applied to existing machines.

Expected effects

  • Improvement of production yield by reducing defective rate.
  • Reduction of downtime to fix molding defects.
  • Labor saving by increasing the number of manageing molding machines per operator.

Remote Connect

Main Functions


Easy to draw the instructions on the shared video


Voice call
Easy to share the on-site situation by voice


Using the texts, you can offer operating instructions to on-site employees.


Saving/Recording Screen
You can save the support screen and use it as the report data.

Remote Connect helps reduce injection molding machine downtime and defect response costs from a remote location.

Usage Example

Remote control

Through the remote operation setting value change function equipped in the J-ADS series controller, you can alter the detailed conditions, therefore speedily solve the problems occurred on the production line.

Remote communication

Using the audio, real-time video and remote operation monitor functions equipped in the J-ADS series controller, the employees working at the site and the head office can accurately share the necessary information with each other, efficiently giving the operating and management instructions.