Lens Injection Molding Machine


High precision

1)Platen linear guide mechanism

The movable platen is supported by a high-precision linear guide so that both the fixed and movable platen remain parallel with almost no drift. (H specification)

2)Center nozzle touch mechanism
Two large-diameter air cylinders hold the injection unit in alignment, thus eliminating a falling momentum for the fixed platen. (H specifications)


1)Resin pressure feedback control
Resin pressure is feedback at the cylinder tip that is nearest the mold cavity in order to suppress minute variations in pressure, thus canceling slide resistance during the injection/pressure holding process. (Option)

2)Platen temperature control
Even a slight variation in the temperature of platen or molding room during molding startup will affect the quality of pickup-system lenses.
Temperature controlled water is fed through the platen to maintain constant temperature will result in smaller variations in mold temperature and more stable molding.

Contamination free

1)All areas that touch material, as well as the mating surfaces between components that are in contact with the material path, have been plated, thus preventing generation of rust in members or contamination due to a slide between material and members.

2)The screw, screw head, check ring and push ring with highly polished surface roughness are suitably coated for material of various types of lenses, which prevents burning and contamination.

Environment Friendly

1)The platen surface is plated to prevent rust. (Option)

2)A special seal structure is used to prevent emission of grease from movable platen bearings and tie-bar. (H specifications)

3)SUS decorative plates are installed to protect the side and top of bed. (Option)

Control unique to JSW

  1. Soft injection
    You can choose the mode that will soften the sharp change in cavity inner pressure during the pressure holding process: This ensures lens surface accuracy.
  2. Low-speed injection control
    Injection speed control in the ultra low-speed range is essential to prevent jetting or generation of flow-mark: Our model delivers exceptional injection speed stability in a range lower than 1.5 mm/s.
  3. IWCS(Injection Weight and Cushion Stability)
    The IWCS control stabilizes the density of melted resin stored at the tip of screw after metering is complete, which constantly stabilizes the metering density. This control technology, unique to JSW, reduces any variations in product weight and cushion position. (Patent 3529771)
  4. Synchronous temperature rise control
  5. Sack-back delay control
    Sack-back is executed immediately before the unclamping process, in order to cancel stringing.

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