Large size multi-color molding machine

MR series


The large multi-color molding machine is capable of combination molding of multiple colors, multiple layers, and in-mold assembly with a single machine.
The MR Series is an intermediate, rotary, opposed, two-color molding machine that is ideal for multi-color molding of products with large projection areas.
We have a track record of producing automobile skylights, quarter glass and large automobile headlamps.

VR series


This VR series is a vertical rotary multi-color molding machine. Because it is a vertical mold clamping device, the mold exchange is finished quickly. 
Therefore, it is suitable for just-in-time production, in which dies are changed several times a day, for high-mix low-volume production.

HR series


The HR series is a horizontal rotary multi-color molding machine. Fast and accurate table rotation is possible with a tie-bar lock type mold clamping mechanism and a servo motor. As a result, it is suitable for mass production of small products.


Plate rotation technology

We have a proven track record in multi-color molding of small to large sizes, and our large vertical rotary machines are still used around the world as the only one of its kind.
We have a wide range of models that can be used for multi-color molding, including horizontal and vertical rotation, and our technology is highly reliable based on our proven track record.
If you are considering special machines or special equipment, please contact us.