Thermosetting injection molding machine

M-ADS-TS series

For products that require heat resistance, flame retardance, and weight reduction, curable plastics, which have properties that plastic resins cannot compensate for, are widely used as an alternative to iron and for heat-resistant products.
The M-ADS-TS series is a high-precision, environmentally friendly, energy-saving molding machine that combines thermosetting resin molding technology with the latest electric injection molding machines.


RJ series

This is an injection molding machine exclusively for rubber.
We support our customers' molding processes with technologies such as plasticizing and gas extraction.


BMC series

This is a special machine for wet unsaturated polyester material used for reflectors, one of the component parts of automobile headlamps.
The material supplied in Papier-mâché-like form is fed and weighed in a pressure hopper.



Thermosetting Resin Plasticization Technology

The thermosetting resin must be preheated uniformly over the entire material before it is filled into the mold for molding stability.
A specially designed plasticizer that uses a heating medium for temperature control improves stability.

Thermosetting Resin Plasticization Technology pic


Gas venting technology

In the molding of thermosetting resin, a lot of gas is generated during the curing process in the mold.
When this gas is discharged from the mold, molding defects are reduced.
Gas venting is the process of releasing the mold tightening pressure during or at the end of the injection, and it can also open the parting surface of the mold to a predetermined position.
Our gas-removal operation is controlled by interlocking injection and mold clamping, which is effective in controlling burrs and discharging gas to eliminate appearance defects.

Results of venting with phenolic resin
Results of venting with wet unsaturated polyester resin