JSW provides support for customers who have supplied magnesium molding machines and who are considering the adoption of magnesium molding products.

This page introduces JSW support examples.

Magnesium adoption support

Prototype support

Physical property evaluation

JSW will provide test pieces for physical property evaluation.


Prototyping with development materials

Molding is performed with the new material being developed.

JSW may decline depending on the content of the ingredients.

Prototype with mold

Molding is possible with plastic dies and die casting dies.

Mold modification is required for magnesium injection molding.

Prototype production

It is possible to produce about 1,000 prototypes.

Please provide product data (2D / 3D) and product specifications.

Manufacture of mass-produced parts

Production is possible at MG Precision Co., Ltd. (molding subsidiary).

JSW can introduce domestic and foreign molding companies.

Flow analysis support

JSW will propose the optimum gate plan from the product data.

Molding machine troubleshooting

JSW will detect abnormalities in the molding machine from the operating status of the molding machine and propose maintenance points and maintenance methods.

Molding machine selection support

We will propose the optimum molding machine size from the product data.