Single Screw Extruders for stable extrusion


Single Screw Extruder “P series”

Optimized screw design for each application

JSW Single Screw Extruders achieve the following conditions by a combination of the UB screw of barrier flight type and the enhanced mixing sections such as Maddock and MD Melter.


  • Good extrusion stability
  • Prevent Fish Eye
  • High-mixing, high-dispersion
  • Lower polymer temperature
A typical screw configuration<br/><br/>
A typical screw configuration



High Mixing Extruder “HM series”

Special designed cylinder and screw

  • High extruding output and low polymer temperature
  • High mixing and stable extrusion
  • Mixing adjustable
  • Down sizing
Sectional view of mixing zone
Sectional view of mixing zone