High quality and precision T-dies from narrow to wide



  • JSW has manufacturing capability in house from machining to plating and finishing
  • High-spec die with sharp lip edge, excellent surface flatness and smoothness
  • Flow channel design with theoretical analysis
  • JSW unique flow channel geometry “Hybrid Die” in our product lineup



Hybrid Die


Hybrid Die combines the advantages of conventional dies (Coat Hanger Die, Inclined Land Die) as shown below

  1. Prevents resin degradation and its adhesion on the flow channel surface in long term operation. (Advantage of Coat Hanger Die)
  2. Robust structure for thickness distribution change resulting from deformation of die caused by the inner pressure of polymer melt (Advantage of Inclined Land Die) (Hybrid die delivers superior performance at higher output, the use of higher viscosity polymer or wider die)

Coextrusion Technology

Multi-Manifold Die

  • Suitable for wide dies(6000 mm maximum)
  • Accurate thickness distribution of each layer
  • Various type of film production

Feed Block

  • Allows coextruding more layers (Up to 7 layers)
  • Various combinations are available by switching lamination plugs
  • Lower cost coextrusion system

Theoretical Analysis and Simulation Techniques

All T-Dies are designed with the original theoretical analysis sophisticated from our long experience and we put advanced 3D simulation techniques such as Fluid Structure interaction analysis to practical use. JSW continually adopt the latest simulation technology and offer customers our reliable products.