Polyolefin Pelletizing


JSW has manufactured various type of extruders/pelletizers to meet demands of the plastics industry since 1950’s. “Large scale” polyolefin pelletizers are the machines to produce pellets of polypropylene or polyethylene continuously at high production rate. The machines have single or twin screw that reach maximum 700 mm of screw diameter and are able to produce the products at rate from 30 to 90 tons per hour, 24 hours /7 days continuously. Major petrochemical companies in the world have used our polyolefin pelletizers in their production plants. Since neat polymers right after reaction process are in powder or liquid state and chemically unstable, they are not suitable for molding process for final mold products as they are. Therefore, the pelletizer melt and mix the neat polymers with various additives to stabilize them and obtain required product properties then pelletize the polymer into pellets. As per users requirement, some pelletizer includes a degassing process.

Applicable materials: HDPE, LLDPE, LDPE/EVA, PP
Applicable processes: Mixing, degassing, in-line compounding, pelletizing.

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